Branding Services

There are many pieces that build a well-rounded brand, but the visual portion is a great place to start.

You want your brand to be recognized at first glance. Where do we start in order to achieve this?

C O N S I S T E N C Y.

Choose a look or a vibe, obtain a logo, decide on colors and fonts,

and *drumroll* ... use them ALWAYS.


paint splatter.png


Branding Package No. 1

‣ Brand Development Brainstorm Meeting

‣ 5 Custom Logo Concepts

‣ Sub logo design

‣ Logo File Versions

‣ Instagram Highlight covers

‣ Brand Kit Package

paint splatter.png


Branding Package No. 2

‣ All from the "SWEET" package, plus :

‣ 2 Brand pattern variations

‣ 5 Instagram post templates

‣ 5 Instagram story templates

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Looking to dive deeper into your branding?

These are very important avenues to consider when upgrading your look :

Logo Design

Creative Consulting

Clothing Design

Menu Design

Business Cards

Stationary Design

Photoshoot / Product Shoot

Social Media Templates